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The ultimate goal of OMANFIL is to match the best the Philippines has to offer to the best the global market has to offer. At one end, we work hard in representing the best clients, interested in attaining workers from the Philippines. At another, we work hard in attracting the best resources the country has to offer. In the end, it is between clients and applicants when selections are made, but our job is to bring them together to allow for such decisions.

To properly provide this "bridge" we need to understand applicants as well as clients. To this end, we are trying to create a workforce pool of applicants categorized by industry and specialty. To help us in this, applicants should also understand how jobs are classified - what it are different classification requirements for a good candidate. Applications are then submitted for such openings, having in mind the proper skills alignment.


OMANFIL uses traditional face to face, on-site processing of client applications. Applicants may initialize the process using the web based tools, but OMANFIL prefers to know applicants better through visits and interview, in moving the application forward. Similarly, clients are encouraged to have face to face interviews and in cases when this is not possible, phone interviews are recommended.

The specific of each application procedure varies as there are types of jobs. Applicants will be made aware of the specific requirements for application when they visit the office. Requirements for jobs are communicated via the internet or news paper postings. There is transparency between jobs and clients, so applicants almost immediately know for which company job postings are made for.


OMANFIL strictly adheres to the rules and regulations set by the POEA. Through advertisements, headhunting and from walk-in applicants, we have a large source of Filipino workers. OMANFIL guarantees any applicant with proper documentation to be part of its large database from which our equally large numeral of clients will choose from.